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EUCN Europa Lecture Series

The Europa Lecture Series is the European Union Centres Network's prestige public lecture series, usually presented annually by a high profile, leading New Zealand or European politician.

Europa Lecture, 26th March 2012

KwasniewskiFormer President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski delivered the thirteenth Europa Lecture at the University of Canterbury on Monday 26th March. The Chancellor of the University, Dr. John Wood, welcomed the former President to the University and stated that there was “no better person qualified” to talk on the topic of the History and Future of Poland as an independent nation and as part of the European UnionDr. Wood then outlined Aleksander Kwasniewski’s background including his contributions as President in developing a Polish Constitution and achieving Polish membership of both NATO and the European Union. Mr. Kwasniewski talked of the long and proud history of Poland as a nation and its difficult geo-political position that has impacted strongly on historical events in Poland



Europa Lecture, 8th September 2011


Jose_Manuel_BarrosoPresident Barroso holds a Degree in Law (with honours) from the University of Lisbon, as well as a Diploma in European Studies (with honours) and a Masters Degree in Political Science (with honours) from the University of Geneva. After a distinguished academic career, President Barroso embarked on a political career, which has seen him rise to be one of the longest-serving global leaders, having headed the European Commission (the European Union's executive branch) since 2004. He is also a member of the G8 and the G20 meetings. 

Before his appointment to head the European Commission, President Barroso served as Prime Minister (2002-2004), leader of the opposition (1999-2002), Foreign Minister (1992-1995) and Deputy Foreign Minister (1987-1992) of his native Portugal. He also held teaching positions in political science and law in Lisbon, Geneva and Georgetown. He was declared "European of the year 2006" by the magazine European Voice and is the author of numerous publications on political science, international relations and the European Union, including "Le système politique portugais face à l'intégration européenne", Lisbon and Lausanne, 1983; "Uma Certa Ideia de Europa", 1999; "Mudar de Modelo",and "Reformar: Dois Anos de Governo", 2004

Europa Lecture, 12th October 2010



The Rt. Hon. John KeyPrime Minister of New Zealand, presented on "Europe's Place in New Zealand's Foreign Policy" at the 2010 Europa Lecture on the 12th of October at the Parliament Buildings in Wellington. The lecture was chaired by H.E. Mr David Daly, Ambassador and Head of Delegation of the European Union to Australia and New Zealand.

The lecture was attended by over 240 members of the public including foreign dignitaries, MP's and University lecturers and students.

A copy of the Prime Ministers speech is available through this link and you can also see the the whole event online here.




Europa Lecture - Lord Patten, 2009

Chris_pattenThe second Europa Lecture for the year was presented by the Rt.Hon. the Lord Christopher Patten of Barnes in Christchurch in the Great Hall of the Arts Centre on the 29th of October.

Lord Patten presented on “London, Hong Kong and Brussels – Leadership and Sovereignty in a Muddled World” to a packed house where even the standing room was full.

The Rt. Hon. Lord Patten of Barnes has had a distinguished career in European and International Politics. He was the Member of the British Parliament for Bath from 1979 -1992. While in Parliament he was the Minister of Overseas Development and Secretary of State for the Environment. He has been the Chairman of the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party and was the 28th Governor of Hong Kong, overseeing the handover from British to Chinese rule in 1997. In 1999 he was appointed as the Commissioner for External Relations for the European Union’s European Commission. He has published six books which showcase his knowledge of politics and international relations. He is currently the Chancellor of Oxford University.

This lecture is part of the “Europe Revitalised and Reunited” series of events that will be held around the country to mark the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Lord Patten’s speech looked at the way traditional notions of sovereignty have changed and been challenged in the recent past, using his experiences from Hong Kong, Northern Ireland and Brussels to illustrate his points. He suggested that in the face of many problems that face modern states, many of which are global in nature, a concept of shared sovereignty needs to be negotiated in order to deal with these. He then looked at the challenge to this notion that identity politics creates and how these rigid singular identities need to be overcome if nations (and individuals) wish to deal with global problems in an effective and efficient manner. 



Europa Lecture 2009 - Hon. Murray McCully



The first of the two Europa Lectures for 2009 was presented by the Hon. Murray McCully, Minister for Foreign Affairs, on Wednesday 12th August in Auckland. The Minister addressed the topic "New Zealand and the European Union: A New Relationship" and emphasised the opportunity to generate a stronger relationship and greater collaboration between the EU and New Zealand in matters of development and security within the Pacific. The lecture was chaired by Mr George Cunningham, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of the European Commission Delegation in Wellington. Over 50 business, academic, government and community leaders attended the lecture, which was organised in association with the NZ-Europe Business Council.

Full text of Speech - "New Zealand and the European Union: A New Relationship"

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Europa Lecture 2008

The Rt. Hon. Winston PetersMinister of Foreign Affairs, presented the 2008 Europa Lecture on the 12th of June at the Univeristy of Auckland. The event was hosted by the EUCN and the NZ-Europe Business Council. The lecture was chaired by Mr George Cunningham, Chargé d'Affaires of the European Commission Delegation in Wellington.

Mr Peters spoke on "New Zealand and Europe: A Partnership for the 21st Century". He described the relationship between New Zealand and Europe as one that is now a more "mature, balanced, and mtually beneficial relationship than at any time in our history" . He also encouraged New Zealanders to develop more up-to -date understandings of the vitality of Europe and of its value to New Zealand as an economic superpower and a region that "exemplifies many of our own aspirations".


New Zealand and Europe: A Partnership for the 21st Century.

Rt. Hon. Winston Peters, Minister of Foreign Affairs

12th June 2008, Owen G Glenn Building, Auckland University

Full Text of Speech

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