Europa Lecture: The EU and the United Kingdom - What next after the UK Election?

The European Union Delegation to New Zealand (EUD), the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs (NZIIA), the British High Commisison and the New Zealand European Union Centres Network (EUCN) invited on the occasion of Europe Day and the UK General Election to a panel discussion hosted by Paul Foster-Bell, MP on the topic:


The European Union and the United Kingdom - What next after the UK Election?

The UK General Election on 07 May was considered the most difficult to predict for generations. British politics have not been so complex since the 1020s. What would the election result mean for the UK's relationship with Europe? Will there be a referendum on the UK's membershiop this year or in 2017? If the Conservatives returned to office, what would a Prime Minister Cameron want from a renegotiation of the UK's membership? What would an EU without the UK be like? Given the fractured nature of UK politics: how much can British politicians learn from New Zealand on confidence and supply agreements and is it time for MMP in the UK? 

Just a few days after the British public have voted the panelists HE Jonathan Sinclair, British High Commissioner to New Zealand, Michalis Rokas, Charge d'Affaires of the EU Delegation to NZ and Professor Jack Vowles, Victoria University of Canterbury discussed the election results and potential future developments. The event was kindly hosted by Paul Foster-Belll, MP.