EUCN 2013 Student Research Exchange – Brittany Nolan

Brittany is a MA student at the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE) and has been studying with the centre for the last three years. Her thesis is researching how the EU and UK are meeting the challenge of implementing a rights-based approach to trafficking for forced labour. Her research interests include the EU, human rights, migration, and culture and identity. 

In 2013 Brittany was successful in gaining funding for an EUCN Student Research Exchange, which enabled her to travel to the UK and Europe to further her research, spending time at the London School of Economics. While in Europe she also spent a month interning at the NZ Mission to the UN in Geneva, attending the Human Rights Council. Brittany also met with people from the International Labour Organisation, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and Human Rights Watch, in Geneva, Brussels and London, which provided valuable insights and resources on their work on trafficking and forced labour.
Currently Brittany is in the final stages of her thesis, as well as working as a research assistant on the Jean Monnet and NCRE Project ‘Mainstreaming, Methodology and Human Rights in Disaster Risk Management: EU and the Pacific’. Following the completion of her thesis, she will be moving to London to pursue a career in research and policy.