President Barroso to deliver Europea Lecture

In conjunction with the University of Auckland, the EUCNetwork is excited to announce European Union President Jose Manuel Barroso as the speaker of this years Europa Lecture. President Barroso will focus his speech on the role of the EU in global affairs and its closer relation with the Pacific region, in particular in addressing common challenges such as support to democracy, fight against climate change and promoting sustainable and inclusive development. The President will also discuss the EU's growing relationship with New Zealand as a key and like-minded partner in the region and how it can contribute to achieve these common objectives.

President Barroso holds a Degree in Law (with honours) from the University of Lisbon, as well as a Diploma in European Studies (with honours) and a Master’s Degree in Political Science (with honours) from the University of Geneva. After a distinguished academic career, President Barroso embarked on a political career, which has seen him rise to be one of the longest-serving global leaders, having headed the European Commission (the European Union's executive branch) since 2004. He is also a member of the G8 and the G20 meetings.

Before his appointment to head the European Commission, President Barroso served as Prime Minister (2002-2004), leader of the opposition (1999-2002), Foreign Minister (1992-1995) and Deputy Foreign Minister (1987-1992) of his native Portugal. He also held teaching positions in political science and law in Lisbon, Geneva and Georgetown. He was declared "European of the year 2006" by the magazine European Voice and is the author of numerous publications on political science, international relations and the European Union, including "Le système politique portugais face à l'intégration européenne", Lisbon and Lausanne, 1983; "Uma Certa Ideia de Europa", 1999; "Mudar de Modelo",and "Reformar: Dois Anos de Governo", 2004