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University of Auckland

University of Waikato

Massey University

Victoria University of Wellington

University of Canterbury

Lincoln University

University of Otago

European and European Union Studies - Academic Networks

New Zealand

European Union Studies Association - New Zealand (EUSA-NZ)

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence - Asia-Pacific

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence - Australasia

Gateway to the Euroepan Union in New Zealand


European Community Studies Association – World (ECSA–World)

Network of European Studies Centres in Asia (NESCA)

Network of European Centers of Excellence (United States)

Contact details for EU Centres of Excellence in North America (United States and Canada) (.doc, 76KB)

International Research Network of Young Historians in European Integration (RICHIE)

European and European Union Studies - International Academic


Monash European and EU Centre, Monash University

Innovative Universities European Union Centre

Contemporary Europe Research Centre, University of Melbourne

National Europe Centre, Australian National University


Centre for European Studies, Fudan University

Centre for European Studies, Renmin University

Centre for European Studies, Sichuan University


Centre for American and West European Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University


Institute of European Studies of Macau


Interdisciplinary Department of European Studies, Chulalongkorn University


FRENZ-(Facilitating Research co-operation between Europe and New Zealand)

Research in New Zealand Mobility Portal