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National Centre for Research on Europe

With the founding of the Centre for Research on Europe in 2000, the University of Canterbury signalled its commitment to the development of European and European Union Studies. In the intervening years, the Centre has firmly established itself as the intellectual and interdisciplinary focal point for the study of Europe in New Zealand, attracting visiting academics from all over the world, and supporting over 40 thesis students with special interests in European topics.

The NCRE functions across two broad categories, academic and outreach, involving a variety of roles and mechanisms.

Academic: The NCRE is a multidisciplinary national research centre that brings together graduates, postdoctoral fellows and academics from a wide range of disciplines to research and study the European Union and Europe-related issues and topics. The focus is inclusive and policy-driven, melding academic work with practical requirements.

Outreach: The NCRE also performs a wider societal role and serves as a key element in the EU's outreach within New Zealand and the Pacific. Raising a critical awareness of the EU, informing government, the media and public opinion all form an important part of the NCRE's core function.

The Centre has developed a range of activities and support measures that now extend beyond Canterbury to achieve a truly national focus. Above all, the NCRE has begun the essential process of encouraging and promoting a new generation of New Zealand graduates who have a high level of expertise and interest in the EU.

This process serves to balance the predominance of Asian studies that has characterised New Zealand's tertiary sector since the early 1990s. The Centre's research and its links with political and business leaders have combined to form the basis for a long-term effort to raise awareness about the European Union.

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To view a presentation summerising the activities of the NCRE and the EUCN for 2007 please click here.

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