About EUCN

Overview of EUCN Objectives and Management Structure

EUCN Membership

Eight New Zealand Universities are members in the EUC Network:

EUCN Objectives

The strategic vision of the NZ EU Centre Network combines the three elements of research, teaching and outreach under a unique thematic umbrella focused on the impact, role and understanding of the EU within NZ and the Pacific region in general. The EUC Network is dedicated to the EU's interaction with our region in the widest terms as outlined in the 1999 Joint Declaration - involving economics, politics, security, innovation, development, democratic values and people and cultures. The guiding objectives are:

  • Build a Network of academic excellence
  • Develop EU Studies curriculum throughout NZ
  • Enhance awareness of EU policies as they affect the region
  • Enhance EU visibility by implementing national, focused, regular and high-level outreach activities
  • Provide a national vehicle for promoting a better understanding of the EU
  • Develop a national Network of EU expertise that can be accessed by the media, government and public
  • Expand people-to-people links and exchanges for academics, students and practitioners
  • Undertake research relevant to the priorities of EU-NZ bilateral relations

The Workplan associated with this strategic vision is multi-faceted is to be carried out in a variety of locations reflecting the membership of the proposed Network. Each Network partners have specific responsibilities and contributions. The distinctive features of the Workplan are:

  • High level public Europa lectures
  • Visiting European-in-residence practitioners programme
  • Network graduate scholarships
  • Network Internships programme
  • National and international conferences
  • National weekend EU Graduate School
  • Visiting EU Teaching Fellowships
  • Support for Network Researchers
  • FRENZ National Contact Point
  • Pilot funding for EU research projects
  • NZ-EU Survey and media analysis
  • Production and dissemination of publications and media liaison

The initial six-month preparatory phase formally commenced on 1 March 2006. Planning took place before this in order to launch the EUCN activities immediately; however, no RELEX funds were utilised prior to this date.

Network Management Structure

The institutional structure of the Network involves a representative from each New Zealand partner on the EUC Network Board chaired on a rotating Troika principle. A Commission Delegation representative also sits on the Board. Regular meetings (twice a year in person and twice a year via the BRCSS video-conferencing facility) of the Board have been scheduled. A Management structure has been established involving the Project Director, Project Manager, the Network Board Chair and two members of the EUC Network Board.



EUCN Workplan

If you would like to know more about the EUC Network's organisation and plans over the next 18 months, please download the EUCN Workplan (.pdf, 411kb)